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Celebrating 40 years of Bagpuss in 2014!

Channel 5 recently voted Bagpuss the third greatest kids TV programme of all time in a nostalgic countdown of the 50 best British children's TV series over the past 60 years.

Bagpuss first yawned and stretched his way onto our screens way back in 1974. Since then his gentle adventures with the other characters and Emily have been essential viewing for children of all ages for over quarter of a century.

Although only 13 episodes were made, the programme was so popular that the series was repeated 27 times to successive generations. The furry cat-puss has charmed his way into the hearts and minds of us all.

Bagpuss has established himself as a leading brand on the high street.

Bagpuss is a British classic but also has wide appeal to teen and young adult audiences. A brand new style guide reflects this.

All episodes re-versioned in HD for digital and DVD launch.

New apparel designs for teens and young adults.

Coolabi represents the licensing and distribution rights for Bagpuss on behalf of Smallfilms.