October 12, 2022

Coolabi Group has been acquired by Talenthouse AG, home to the world’s largest creative community

Talenthouse AG is the technology platform serving a community of 18+million members and is an innovator at the forefront of the Creator Economy, specifically within the digital marketing and entertainment space. Together, Talenthouse and Coolabi plan to connect the IP and Creator Economy spaces, initially through gaming and in the metaverse. Additionally, this will open up exclusive opportunities for Talenthouse’s creative community to produce assets for Coolabi’s global brands.

Talenthouse empowers the world’s largest global creative community across 195 countries, to produce the highest quality, localised digital content for leading global brands. Its clients include Universal Music Group, Unreal Engine, Bombay Sapphire and HBO, to name but a few, who are all able to utilise Talenthouse’s creative community to produce visual assets both locally and internationally.

The Creator Economy is truly thriving in 2022, with more than 303 million people around the world now considering themselves to be creators according to Adobe. The global creator economy is estimated to be worth in excess of $2.8 trillion. It is the engine that will drive business and society forward, and Talenthouse holds the key to progression and the future stakeholding of the sector.

Coolabi Group has created and licensed to publishers over 2,000 book titles across some 200 book series to publishers and actively manages the intellectual property it creates in order for it to achieve international recognition and commercial success as brands. For example, Warrior Cats has so far been played 200 million times on Roblox by some 2 million unique users a month and has been viewed on YouTube over half a billion times all just in the last year. In addition, Coolabi’s books are licensed in over 40 languages and its award[1]winning TV shows are licensed in over 140 countries.

Jeremy Banks, CEO of Coolabi, Tim Ricketts, COO of Coolabi, and Chris Snowdon, MD of Working Partners, join creative, financial and advertising serial entrepreneurs Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse, and founders Maya Bogle and Roman Scharf on the leadership team to push the group into a new era of creative endeavours.

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse AG, comments: “The team is thrilled to welcome Jeremy Banks and the Coolabi team into the Talenthouse family and combine their content generation capabilities and younger audience reach to supplement the 18 million members within Talenthouse’s community. We strongly believe that the acquisition will result in new routes to market and maximise our potential within existing international markets.”

Jeremy Banks, CEO of Coolabi, comments: “We are pleased to be joining Clare McKeeve and the highly-regarded Talenthouse team through this acquisition. Their extensive, diverse and engaged creative community strongly ties into what we do here at Coolabi and our ambitions for the future. The merging of both groups will allow us to offer more of what we do best; create stories, brands and content that excites and entertains children across the globe.”