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2 Busy 4 Love
Lucy Hepburn

Christy is about to learn that, when cupid invades your system, calendars and schedules are sent straight to trash. 1 title.

Alexandra the Great
Yvonne Coppard

Alexandra Bond is destined for greatness – but why do so many disasters stand in her path? 3 titles.

Alien in my Belly Button
Jimmy Mars

The adventures of Peter Perkins, and Binko - a stranded alien who is in cosmic trouble, and has crash-landed in Peter's belly button! 2 titles.

Animal Ark
Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark is a worldwide best-selling series following the adventures of Mandy Hope and her best friend James, with animals of every size and shape. 70 titles.

Animal Ark (2018)
Lucy Daniels

Amelia Haywood and her best friend, Sam continue the legacy of Mandy and James in this reimagining of the classic series for a new generation of readers. 16 titles.

Animal Ark Pets
Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark Pets follows a younger Mandy Hope as she gets to know and love animals of all kinds. 18 titles.

Apple Blossom Stables
Pippa Young

Lena moves to the village of Willow Springs and is delighted to find a yard full of gorgeous ponies on her doorstep. Soon she has lots of new friends, two- and four-legged! 5 titles.

Bake a Wish
Lorna Honeywell

There's magical bakery fun to be had in this feel-good friendship series. 6 titles.

Battle Bugs
Jack Patton

Eight year-old Max finds himself shrunk down and whisked away to Bug Island, where he not only finds that he can talk to creepy-crawlies, but that epic battles await. 10 titles.

Beast Quest
Adam Blade

Tom and Elenna are locked in deadly battle with terrifying Beasts and evil wizards. A thrilling mix of adventure, danger, myth, and action. 100+ titles.

Beast Quest: New Blood
Adam Blade

The battle for Avantia comes to our world in this action-packed continuation of the Beast Quest legend. 4 titles.

AH Blade

Jonas, a young bounty hunter with a tortured past, must embark on a quest to liberate humans from the tyrannical rule of beasts. 2 titles.

Benny Ramírez and the Nearly Departed
José Pablo Iriarte

The ghost of Benny's estranged grandfather helps him become a music star. 2 titles.

Best Friends
Jenny Dale

Each of these stories features a different pair of animals, who get into scrapes together, and are always there to help each other out. 10 titles.

Sunday James

Sparks fly between a sexy stranger and a small-town waitress in this steamy romance. 1 title.

Black Widow
Isadora Bryan

A suspense-filled ride as young men are being killed in Amsterdam. 1 title.

Katy Cary

Back from the Somme, soldier John Shaw discovers that his captain, Quincey Harker, is Dracula’s grandson. 2 titles.

Blue Mountain
Ella Montgomery

In a competitive and challenging environment, Anya, Sabine, Julia and Mark must each overcome obstacles on the path to equestrian glory. 6 titles.

Erin Hunter

A prideless lion, a thoughtful elephant, and a soulful baboon unite to preserve the African Savannah in this epic new series from Erin Hunter. Heed the call of the wild! 6 titles.

Bug Buddies
Joe Miller

Gonzo, Zap, Buzz, Lurch and Crunch – live in Spinner’s Wood. Spinner is a spider with eight legs and one mission: to trap the whole wood in his evil web… 6 titles.

Butterfly Meadow
Olivia Moss

When Dazzle the butterfly first emerges from her cocoon, she thinks she’s all alone. But she soon finds her way to Butterfly Meadow and makes new friends. 6 titles.

By the Grace of Todd
Louise Galveston

Incredibly messy Todd is stunned to discover an entire civilization of tiny people have formed on an old sock under his bed – and weirder, they worship him as a god. Two titles.

Caped Sixth Grader
Zoe Quinn

On Zoe’s twelfth birthday, a failed attempt to have her ears pierced reveals that she’s a superhero! 4 titles.

Charm Hall
Tabitha Black

Charm Hall is a boarding school with a difference – with magic in the air, anything can happen! 6 titles.

Chestnut Hill
Lauren Brooke

Chestnut Hill is an exclusive boarding school set among the hills of Virginia. 6 titles.

Chronicles of Avantia
Adam Blade

In an era before Beast Quest, a battle raged between good and evil. Tanner and his Beast must win a terrifying battle to beat the evil Derthsin… 4 titles.

Chronicles of Cavallon
Kim Forester

Epic fantasy adventure in a world where centaurs, pegasus, unicorns, and kelpies rule. Can four youngster unite them? 4 titles.

City Farm
Jessie Williams

Troubled children find friendship and healing at the City Farm Hope Harvest Project. 6 titles.

Clicking Her Heels
Lucy Hepburn

Amy’s boyfriend sells her prized collection of shoes on eBay, under the mistaken notion that she is cheating on him. Her quest to reclaim them leads her on a series of adventures. 1 title.

Code Red
Nick Curtis

A high-octane political thriller series about a team of agents who specialise in protecting visiting dignitaries. 2 titles.

Confessions of a First Daughter
Cassidy Calloway

Morgan is always screwing things up – and since her mum is president of the US, Morgan’s mistakes are front-page news! 2 titles.

Creepy Creatures
Ed Graves

Jamie and Harry have just moved to Gnome Gardens but an evil Gnome is determined to get rid of them, and sends his horrible, gigantic creatures after them. 5 titles.

Cross My Heart
Sasha Gould

Laura is released from a convent in Renaissance Venice into a whirl of masked balls, intrigue and romance. But darkness hangs over the canals and palazzos. 2 titles.

Crown of Three
JD Rinehart

Royal triplets Gulph, Tarlan and Elodie are separated at birth and must come together to fulfil their destiny and bring peace to the troubled kingdom of Toronia. 3 titles.

Cuddle the Cutest Kitten
Hayley Daze

The adorable kitten whisks Olivia and Grace away for fun, mysteries and magic. 4 titles.

Darke Academy
Gabriella Poole

This elite establishment moves to a new city every term. Its students are impossibly beautiful and rich. And new girl Cassie thinks there might be sinister secrets lurking beneath the surface. 4 titles.

Darkest Age
A.J. Lake

Elspeth and Edmund have discovered a crystal sword that could save mankind from the powers of darkness. They embark on a heroic fight. 3 titles.

Dead and Buried
John Brennan

The Troubles may be over but a deadly legacy lives on for the hero of this Belfast-set thriller for adults. 1 title.

Eleanor de Jong

Maligned as the courtesan who revealed the mighty Samson’s secret, Delilah has become synonymous with treachery. But behind the myth is a tale of love, faith, lust and revenge. 1 title.

Demon Defenders
Jake Lancing

Alex, Inch, Cherry, House, and Spit are five exiled angels who just want to get home. Unfortunately, there are demons on earth who need dealing with! 4 titles.

Dino Riders
Will Dare

Josh Sanders is determined to become the next great dinosaur cowboy in this fast-paced, funny adventure series full of education dino facts! 6 titles.

Dinosaur Club
Rex Stone

Fossil fans Jamie and Tess have discovered a secret cave, which takes them back to the time of the dinosaurs. 10 titles.

Dinosaur Cove
Rex Stone

When Jamie and Tom step through the fossilised footprints at Dinosaur Cove, they find themselves in a land where dinosaurs still exist. 28 titles.

Disaster Diaries
R. McGeddon

Sam, Arty, and Ellie battle endless monstrous threats to their school in this action-packed series. 6 titles.

Anton Dressler

Power and wealth are yours – as long as you have the right DNA… 6 titles.

Dolphin Diaries
Lucy Daniels

Jody’s whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins – and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her own Dolphin Diaries! 10 titles.

Dragon Knights
J. R. Castle

Quinn and Thea seek to restore a balance to the islands of Alariss in this epic trilogy. 3 titles.

Drizzle, Dreams and Lovestruck Things
Maya Prasad

Four sisters, four seasons, four flavors of romance. 2 titles.

Faerie Path
Frewin Jones

After an accident, Anita discovers that she is also Tania, the lost princess of Faerie. She embarks on a magical journey of love, bravery and destiny. 6 titles.

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood
Lily Small

Enter an enchanted world of magical friends, where plucky creatures always have a very important job to do. 13 titles.

Jacob Grey

Caw is a young homeless feral with the power to speak to animals. He must use the magic of the crow feral to save his new friend Lydia and defeat the sinister Spinning Man. 3 titles.

Five Elements
Dan Jolley

A horrifying parallel world lies behind San Francisco…but only Gabe and his friends can see it. 3 titles.

Flip Flop Club
Ellen Richardson

Elly, Sierra and Tash love hanging out together on Sunday Island! They discover that the island holds many mysteries to solve and strange goings-on to figure out…

Eloise Flood

Brenna and Aki are childhood sweethearts destined to lead opposing sides in an upcoming war. What will they choose? Their homelands, or each other? 1 title.

Girl vs. Boy Band
Harmony Jones

Soulful songwriter Lark's world is turned upside down when her record exec moves invites an actual boyband to live in their home! 2 titles.

Golden Horses
Lauren Brooke

Gripping equine adventures combine with light romance and emotional conflict in a stunning oceanside location. 2 titles.

Hamsters of Primrose Hollow
Alex Fielding

Raisin the hamster breaks out of his cage and travels with his friends to find the legendary colony of wild hamsters in Primrose Hollow. 4 titles.

Harry Hammer
Davy Ocean

The hilarious underwater adventures of Harry, a hammerhead shark making a BIG splash on Shark Point. 10 titles.

Lauren Brooke

Heartland is a horse sanctuary nestled in the hills of Virginia – and a place where frightened and abused horses can learn to trust again. 20 titles.

Hollywood Precinct
Steve Garcia

A Police Procedural series following the investigations of the Homicide Team in the Hollywood Precinct. 2 titles.

Hope Meadows
Lucy Daniels

The Animal Ark legacy continues as Mandy and James face very real, very grown-up problems in this heartwarming series for adult readers. 6 titles, and 1 e-novella.

Hotel Summertime
Louise Byron

An abandoned hotel riddled with secrets draws five children together. They must contend with interfering relatives, a mystery from the past and even arson if they are to save their summer haven. 3 titles.

Hunters of Chaos
Crystal Velasquez

At Temple Academy, Ana is plunged into a world of dark magic and ancient curses. She and three other girls transform into the Wild Cats and battle a terrifying god. 2 titles.

Hyperspace High
Zac Harrison

John Riley gets on the wrong bus, and ends up at a school that's out of this world - as are the adventures that follow! 6 titles.

In the Bag
Lucy Hepburn

What happens when identical bags get swapped at an airport carousel? 1 title.

Internet Detectives
Michael Coleman

Tamsyn and Josh receive strange messages asking for help from someone calling themselves ZMASTER. Can they find the source in time to save him? 4 titles.

Jess the Border Collie
Lucy Daniels

Exciting adventures with Jess and his owner, Jenny. 9 titles.

Eleanor de Jong

Her name has come to mean a poisonous seductress, but Jezebel tells the true story of a girl far away from home, loyal and loving, powerful and passionate. 1 title.

Kiss Me in…
Catherine Rider

Romantic stories in which lost and stranded young people connect while exploring some of the world's finest cities: New York, Paris, London, and Rome. 4 titles.

Kitten Kingdom
Mia Bell

Princess Tabby dreams of going on an actual, real-life quest... until she's faced with one. Can the plucky cat find her courage, and save Mewtopia? 4 titles.

Kitten Tales
Jenny Dale

Each story features a kitten who has a unique home and experience of life.

Kitty’s Magic
Ella Moonheart

Being a cat and a human means that Kitty can have the best of both worlds. But with her great power comes an important role: Guardian of the Cat Council. 6 titles.

Naomi Paul

To her parents, Lian is a hard-working student. But she has a secret online identity, Komiko, dedicated to fighting social injustice and corporate crime. 3 titles.

League of Archers
Eva Howard

Novice nun Elinor Dray and her friends, the League of Archers, idolise Robin Hood. But when Robin dies at Ellie’s side, she prove her innocence and rescue Maid Marian. 2 titles.

Little Bridge Farm
Peter Clover

Oscar the pony makes friends when he moves to the farm where every animal has a story. 6 titles.

Little Dolphin
Lucy Daniels

Little Dolphin enjoys fun and adventures with his friends and family in Urchin Bay. 6 titles.

Little Genie
Miranda Jones

When Ali rubs a lava lamp, she releases a mischievous and accident-prone genie who has been trapped inside since the sixties. 20 titles.

Little Sparkles
Emily Moon

Twins Rose and Holly have a wonderful secret – they’re friends with Little Sparkles, tiny creatures that make parties fun for everyone! 5 titles.

Looking For Fireworks
Holly Cavendish

As Bonfire Night approaches, the sparks of love are flying in a rural village. 1 title.

Lucky Stars
Phoebe Bright

When a shooting star tumbles into Cassie’s bedroom, she learns that she can make wishes come true! Cassie spreads magic throughout Astral-on-Sea. 6 titles.

Mage Hunter
Jared Bane

Epic fantasy series set in the world of Tyrellion, featuring adventure, swords, and sorcery. 5 titles.

Magic Animal Friends
Daisy Meadows

Lily and Jess discover a secret world of talking animals, and must help save their magical forest home from an evil witch. 25+ titles.

Magic Farm
Ashley Birch

Hannah and Olly move to Golden Valley Farm and discover a world of friendly scarecrows, talking animals and mischievous Little Rotters. 4 titles.

Magic Mirror
Nicolas Campbell

When cousins Louis and Jade step through the mirror they are whisked away on a dangerous, time travelling adventure. 8 titles.

Magic Toyshop
Jessie Little

Willow’s Aunty Suzy makes Hoozles: toys that come to life! Willow and her teddy Toby have to stop the naughty Croc from causing trouble. 7 titles.

Maisie May
Poppy Harper

The lively adventures of the adorable Maisie - girly girl and prankster! 3 titles.

Midnight Library
Nick Shadow

Mysterious curator Nick Shadow introduces short stories from his library of terrifying tales. 12 titles.

Mio and the Mermaids
Miranda Jones

With the help of a magical mother of pearl comb, Mio is able to turn into a mermaid, to join her friend Luna on spectacular underwater adventures. 7 titles.

Monster Republic
Ben Horton

Bionically enhanced children fight to survive in a dystopian wasteland in this edgy teen series. 2 titles.

Monstrous Maud
Abie Saddlewick

Troublemaker Maud is transferred to Rotwood Middle School where she fits in perfectly with the vampires, mummies and monsters in this gleefully ghoulish comedy. 4 titles.

Mozart’s Last Score
Mozart’s Last Score

Just before his death at a tragically young age, Mozart leaves behind a musical score that reveals the truth about why he is dying. 1 title.

My Brother The Werewolf
Sienna Mercer

Daniel and Justin look identical, but they’re very different. Justin’s sporty, Daniel’s musical. Justin’s 100% human, and Daniel… 100% isn’t! 4 titles.

My Secret Unicorn
Linda Chapman

Lauren’s pony Twilight isn’t any ordinary pony – when she says the magic spell, he turns into a unicorn so they can help those in need together. 25 titles.

My Sister, The Vampire
Sienna Mercer

Olivia is a cheerleader and Ivy is a vampire, but they’re also long lost twins - which means the secrets, and the possibilities, are endless! 18 titles.

Mystery Club
Fiona Kelly

Holly moves to a small Yorkshire town and finds adventure and mystery with a group of new friends. 28 titles.

Mystery Kids
Fiona Kelly

Three children help the police solve crimes in Hampstead, London. 14 titles.

Nine Lives
Lucy Daniels

Bracken the cat gives birth to nine very different kittens who need to find nine different but perfect homes. 6 titles.

Perfect Ponies
Lucy Daniels

Josie’s family is selling their stables, which means selling their ponies too. Josie is determined to help each pony find the perfect home. 9 titles.

Pet Finders’ Club
Ben Baglio

When Andi’s dog Buster goes missing she does everything she can to find him again, and soon branches out into finding other people’s lost pets. 12 titles.

Pet Hotel
Kate Finch

Meg and Charlie move into their great-aunt’s shabby old hotel and end up turning it into a hotel for pets when a puppy comes to stay. 4 titles.

Pippa Morgan
Annie Kelsey

Meet Pippa Morgan - a small girl with a BIG imagination! 4 titles

Pixie Magic
Daisy Meadows

Alice and Leo journey to a miniature world, where magical creatures turn old objects into special trinkets that solve people’s problems. 6 titles.

Police Pup
Jenny Dale

Twins Liam and Becky help their dad to solve mysteries with the help of his police dog, Max. 3 titles.

Pony Tales
Jenny Dale

Stories of the special bonds that children form with their ponies. 8 titles.

Puddle the Naughtiest Puppy
Hayley Daze

Whenever it rains, naughty Puddle takes Ruby and Harry on a magical adventure. 11 titles.

Puppy Patrol
Jenny Dale

Neil and Emily live at King Street Kennels. In each book they meet a new dog who needs their help. 46 titles.

Puppy Princess
Patty Furlington

Princess Rosie is a puppy who longs for a best friend, which are hard to make when she's stuck in a castle all day. This Puppy Princess is going to seize her destiny in her own two paws! 4 titles.

Puppy Tales
Jenny Dale

Each book in this heartwarming serie features a different puppy who has a unique home and experience of life. 18 titles.

Quest of the Gods
Dan Hunter

One boy, five gods, and a thousand monsters in this Egyptian-infused action series. 10 titles.

Rainbow Magic
Daisy Meadows

Kirsty and Rachel must help their fairy friends thwart bad Jack Frost’s attempts to cause havoc. 160+ titles.

Ravenstorm Island
Gillian Philip

Budding stage magician Molly and her cousin Arthur encounter fairytale creatures and strange magic on mysterious, mist-shrouded Ravenstorm Island. 5 titles.

Robot Races
Axel Lewis

Join boy racer Jimmy Roberts in this adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride of a series. 4 titles.

Robots Rule!
CJ Richards

In futuristic Terabyte Heights, Dr Micron plots global domination. All that stands in his way are twelve-year-old tech nerd George Gearing and his droid friend, Jackbot. 3 titles.

Roller Girls
Megan Sparks

Londoner Annie struggles to adjust when her family moves to the midwestern US, until she joins the local roller derby team, the Liberty Belles. 4 titles.

Saddles, Stars and Stripes
Deborah Kent

A series of exciting adventures featuring four brave American girls and their horses. 4 titles.

Safari Summer
Lucy Daniels

Jake and his friends share thrilling adventures with amazing animals on the safari his family run in Tanzania. 6 titles.

Victoria Holmes

Kate thinks she’s going to spend the summer on a luxury polo ranch, but when she reaches Argentina she finds a ranch and horses in need of her help. 5 titles.

Sea Quest
Adam Blade

Max and Lia must save the ocean world of Nemos from the evil Professor and his deadly Robobeasts. Cool tech, mystical powers and high-octane adventure from the author of Beast Quest. 39 titles.

Sea Riders
Ella Gray

If Narissa is to earn a spot at the Sea Rider Academy, she must win a sea horse race - the only problem is, she's never ridden a sea horse before! 4 titles.

Secret Kingdom
Rosie Banks

Best friends Summer, Ellie, and Jasmine are whisked away to a magical kingdom that desperately needs their help thwarting the schemes of the wicked Queen Malice. 42 titles.

Secret Ninja Spies
Alex Ko

Twins Josh and Jessica discover their Granny is secretly a ninja and help her to solve crimes and defeat gangsters in Tokyo. 3 titles.

Secret Princesses
Rosie Banks

Distant best friends Charlotte and Mia are able to have adventures together, thanks to the magical necklaces that transport them to Wishing Star Palace, where they team up with the Secret Princesses to make wishes come true. 25 titles.

Secrets & Spies
Jo Mcauley

Beth Johnson is an actress and spy who needs all her skills to solve mysteries and thwart plots in 17th century London. 4 titles.

Secrets of the Bridge Oracle
Melissa Fairchild

A fantasy trilogy inspired by the ‘Indian Boy’ who Titania and Oberon fight over at the start of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. 3 titles.

Secrets of the Seven
Sarah L Thompson

Three kids team up to uncover the keys to a secret weapon hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States. 3 titles.

Erin Hunter

Three bears from different backgrounds traverse America following an uncertain destiny in an ever-changing world. 12 titles.

Peter Clover

Emily and her adorable Shetland pony Sheltie get up to all sorts of mischief and adventure. 36 titles.

Signs of Love
Melody James

When aspiring journalist Gemma is given the lowly task of writing her school e-zine's horoscopes, she uses the opportunity to help out her friends with their love lives. But what about Gemma's own? 4 titles.

Sisters of Glass
Naomi Cyprus

Two girls. Two worlds. Only magic can bring them together in this epic, emotional fantasy series. 2 titles.

Snow Sisters
Astrid Foss

The Snow Sisters must stop the evil Shadow Witch from stealing the Everchanging Lights right out of the sky! 4 titles.

Soul Search
Kathy Picard

Psychiatrist Dr Vivien Blake prides herself on her ability to help any patient using traditional, scientific principles – but all that changes when Stephen walks into her office. 1 title.

Space Pirates
Jim Ladd

Sam's only chance of saving his stranded parents is to enlist the help of the Space Pirates. Except, they're not much help at all! 4 titles.

Sparky at Magic School
Ruby Nash

Every witch needs an animal familiar, but can Sparky the puppy train to become one when he’s not magical? 4 titles.

Spartan Warrior
Michael Ford

Lysander leaves his life as a Helot slave in ancient Sparta to join the Spartan Academy and train as a warrior. 3 titles.

Special Agents
Sam Hutton

Maddie, Alex and Danny team up using their special talents to fight crime on behalf of the flying squad. 8 titles.

Spell Sisters
Amber Castle

Gwen embarks on a quest to protect the enchanted island of Avalon. from the wicked spells of the witch, Morgana Le Fay. 8 titles.

Spelling B
Lexi Conner

B discovers that she’s a witch – but instead of casting spells using rhymes like her family, she does magic by spelling out words. 6 titles.

Stacy and Friends
AF Jones

The adventures of Stacy and her friends, as well as the ongoing rivalry between Stacy and her older sister Amanda. 18 titles.

Star Fighters
Max Chase

A group of Intergalactic Force cadets accidentally launch an advanced space ship into the middle of an intergalactic war. 10 titles.

Nick Hale

Jake Bastin’s dad is England’s top football coach, but when Jake gets mixed up in murder and espionage, he discovers his dad has a dark secret. 4 titles.

Super Sarah
A B Saddlewick

Sarah is so clumsy she’s been kicked out of every club in town, but when she’s recruited by a club for superheroes she discovers she has a talent for more than falling down. 2 titles.

Jack Dillon

Thrilling tales of children who must make it through natural disasters against all the odds. Includes non-fiction section on survival techniques. 6 titles.

Erin Hunter

Lucky’s life as a street dog changes forever when the Big Growl hits, destroying his city. 15 titles.

Allan Frewin Jones

Olivia and Josh discover the secret of the Talismans of the Moon and set out to find all four, but someone else is after the jewels too. 4 titles.

Tangshan Tigers
Dan Lee

Matt is thrilled with his place at Beijing International Academy, but a stolen jade leads him and his new friends into a shadowy world of espionage. 6 titles.

Team Hero
Adam Blade

X-Men meets Beast Quest at a Heroes' Academy in this thrilling modern adventure series from Adam Blade. 20 titles.

The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers
Adam Sass

Micah embarks on a Prince Charming-like quest throughout Chicago to find true love. 2 titles.

The Abbey Mysteries
Cherith Baldry

In medieval Glastonbury, Gwyneth and Hereward must save the day when a holy relic that might be the bones of King Arthur go missing. 4 titles.

The Baker St Chronicles
Vivian Roberts

A cosy Amateur Sleuth series, set around the Transport for London Lost Property Office. 2 titles.

The Christmas Killer
Jim Gallows

A unique detective who can see through the eyes of a killer. 1 title.

The Crims
Kate Davies

The Addams Family meets Despicable Me in this riotous comedy series about a girl who just wants to live a normal life - which is hard to do when your family are possibly the most inept criminals in the world. 3 titles. ++

The Faith Morgan Mysteries
Martha Ockley

"An ex-policewoman, now a priest, Faith finds herself reluctantly back in the role of detective when there is a murder in the church. 2 titles. "

The Gilded Cage
Lucinda Gray

Virginian teenager Katherine Randolph and her brother travel to England when they unexpectedly inherit a large estate, but murder and mystery are following close behind. 1 title.

The Good Luck Girls
Charlotte Nicole Davis

Sisters Aster and Clementine escape captivity and set off on a harrowing quest for freedom and justice, in a world that wants to make sure they have neither. 1 title.

The Hen Night Prophesies
Jessica Fox

The prophecies given to five friends on a hen night come true in unexpected ways. 5 titles.

The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall
Ali Standish

Young Arthur Conan Doyle joins Baskerville Hall, a secret school for gifted children. He must unravel a mystery, guided by his mentor: Professor Sherlock Holmes. 3 titles.

The Joseph Soyinka Mysteries
Chris Freeman

An Amateur / Professional Sleuth series which centres on yellow cab driver Joseph Soyinka, a former detective who fled from Nigeria to New York. 2 titles.

The Lady Grace Mysteries
Lady Grace Cavendish

Lady Grace Cavendish’s adventures as she solves mysteries at the court of Q. Elizabeth I. 12 titles.

The Last Apprentice
Imogen Rossi

Artist’s apprentice Bianca must investigate when her beloved Master is taken ill and the Duchess of La Luminosa starts to behave very strangely. 3 titles.

The Last Immortal
Alex Marlowe

The son of Victor Frankenstein is brought back from the dead in modern day London, and must reunite his father’s old team of supernatural crime-fighters to defeat evil. 3 titles.

The Magnificent Lizzie Brown
Vicki Lockwood

Mystery series set in the Victorian era, which sees runaway Lizzie Brown and the Penny Gaff Gang solving mysteries while embedded in Fitzy's Travelling Circus. 4 titles.

The Make Up Girl
Dana Sheen

Kim is a make-up artist on a late night talk show, but dreams of making monsters and aliens for the movies. Can she follow her dreams and stay true to herself? 3 titles.

The New Adventures of the Wishing Chair
Enid Blyton

Brand new adventures for Jack, Jessica and Wishler the elf with Enid Blyton’s magical Wishing Chair. 6 titles.

The Perfect Christmas
Georgie Carter

Can Robyn, wedding planner to the stars, sort out her own disastrous love life by Christmas? 1 title.

The Prophecy Machine
Michael Templar

Natalie Hardaker must find the Prophecy Machine - which can predict the future with unerring accuracy - in order to save her grandfather's life, and stop Chaos from spreading out across the world. 3 titles.

The Royal Ballet School Diaires
Alexandra Moss

Ellie goes to the Royal Ballet School where she has to face auditions and career choices. 8 titles.

The Secret Explorers
SJ King

Join an international team of experts on their STEM-related adventures – from fixing a space probe to helping a pod of whales. 14 titles.

The Shadowing
Adam Slater

Driven by a dark destiny, Callum Scott must stand against the demonic forces threatening our world. 5 titles.

The Timekeepers
SJ King

A secret team from across the world journey back in time. Their mission: to stop a villain causing chaos in history. 8 titles.

The Wereling
Stephen Cole

Kate is destined to become a werewolf, despite her wishes. When her family kidnap Tom, they go on the run together in search of a cure. 3 titles.

The Witch of Turlingham Academy
Ellie Boswell

Sophie agrees to help Katy hunt a witch and she discovers a shocking truth. 5 titles.

Time Hunters
Chris Blake

All-action time-travel series taking in the Romans, the Pharaohs, the Vikings, and more! 12 titles.

Zack Satriani

When insectoid aliens attack, three kids from different planets must work together to save the universe in this thrilling sci-fi trilogy. 3 titles.

Under the Cherry Blossom
Maya Healey

Historical action set in Fuedal Japan. Kimi and Suki witness the murder of their father and disguise themselves as boys to train as samurai in order to avenge him. 4 titles.

Unicorn Magic
Daisy Meadows

Join Aisha and Emily in exploring Enchanted Valley in this spell-binding new series from Daisy Meadows. 16 titles.

Unicorn School
Linda Chapman

Willow the unicorn makes friends and has adventures at Unicorn School. 11 titles.

Vampire Beach
Alex Duval

Jason’s just moved to Malibu, where he discovers there’s more to the rich kids’ parties than music and alcohol! 6 titles.

Vampire Plagues
Sebastian Rook

Pickpocket Jack Harkett and orphans Ben and Emily must save the world from a plague unleashed by a Mexican vampire god. 6 titles.

Vulgar the Viking
Odin Redbeard

Vulgar is a boy who longs for the glory days of the Vikings - which he is determined to bring back to the very dull village of Blubber! 6 titles.

Erin Johnson

In the 19th century Wild West, a young girl is put on a path to vengeance when her family are brutally murdered. 4 titles.

Warrior Princess
Frewin Jones

Branwen’s home is attacked by Saxons and she’s sent away to live as a princess should - but Branwen has a warrior's heart, and sets out on a quest to free her people. 4 titles.

Erin Hunter

Young cat Rusty hears the call of the forest and runs away to join the wild cat Clans who live there. But only fire can save the Clans… 37 titles.

Welcome to Weirdsville
I.M Strange

In the spooky town of Weirdsville, anything can happen - and often does! 3 titles.

Wilder Boys
Brandon Wallace

Two brothers need all their wilderness skills to survive the forests of Wyoming, as they set off in search of their missing father. 2 titles.

Zack in Time
Jerry Kennet

Zack’s family is history…literally! An ordinary 10 year-old kid helps his anything-but-ordinary family run their family business—a time travel tourism company. 4 titles.

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo
Amelia Cobb

Zoe has a secret - she can talk to animals... which is handy, what with her Great-Uncle Horace always bringing them home from his travels! 18 titles.

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We are a fiction packager for children – and occasionally adults – with an outstanding track record. Our books have sold over 200 million copies across more than 170 series. We cover every genre, from big fantasy and horror, to friendship stories and rom coms.

Rights People, a division of Working Partners, is the leading children’s rights agency globally and has licensed our series into more than 40 languages. We are increasingly taking our stories beyond print.

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We create stories from our own ideas or to meet a specific request from a publisher. We have global reach and have created series for leading publishers in China, France, Germany, Japan and of course the UK and the USA.

We routinely spend a year developing our projects, creating meticulously crafted plots to which we attach the strongest possible writers. The result is stories beloved by readers around the world.