November 9, 2020

Coolabi Group announces the new Roblox game “Escape Scream Street”

To celebrate the return of Scream Street for a second series on CBBC, Coolabi Group has released “Escape Scream Street” a Roblox Obby game that will see players venture through 20+ stages of obstacles as they sneak past giant vampires, run from werewolves, and escape spooky traps to find their way out.


Players will be immersed in the show as they play the game, greeted by the characters going through different houses on the street to stop the slime from the underworld flooding and destroying Scream Street.


Co-developed by Coolabi Group and Burro Pinata (an independent Roblox developer and YouTuber), Escape Scream Street is a free to play game with optional in-game purchases and 20+ stages over 5 levels giving players 12-20 minutes of enjoyable gameplay with more content to be added in future updates.


New episodes of Scream Street now on BBC iPlayer

Find the Roblox game here (link to game on Roblox)