May 9, 2023

‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ Roblox game hits 300 million game visits on its second anniversary

The hit game rolls out its biggest update since launch

Coolabi Group and Roblox specialists, Aldrich-Callen Studios, co-producers of ‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’, today reveal the game has more than two million unique players a month, as the game reaches its two year anniversary.

The 3D role-play game on global online platform Roblox is based on Coolabi Group’s best-selling fantasy brand, Warrior Cats (Warriors). This month the game will also roll out its biggest update since launch, adding a new layer of interaction which will allow players to find and hunt down prey including mice, birds and fish, as well as a map refresh. There will be amazing new areas themed from the book series and an easier way for people to navigate between the notable areas of the Forest Territory.

‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ has had 300 million game visits since launch, and has been favourited over 975k times, making this a very exciting and much hyped moment for its hugely engaged community. The game ranks within the top 100 on Roblox for gameplay time and retention, with players spending more than 24 minutes per session. According to Metaverse Marcom, who collate charts and data on brand activity and experiences within Roblox, ‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ currently ranks at #4 in the branded games chart in terms of game visits and #1 for gameplay session time.

In soon to be released Warrior Cats research, which has attracted over 30,000 responses from fans, Coolabi found that 48.6% of all respondents play Roblox either every day or at least once a week, and 38.4% of all respondents play Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition on Roblox either every day or at least once a week.

Naomi Dare, Director of Digital at Coolabi Group comments:  “We are incredibly proud of ‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ which has built a huge and engaged audience over the last two years, and continues to go from strength to strength.

“It has been extremely rewarding to read such positive feedback from the game’s players who have commented that in lockdown it was an outlet to escape the stresses of life and make new friends, plus introduced millions of young people to the Warriors books for the first time. We are very excited to be working on future developments already but can’t wait to see the reaction to this new prey update which has been so highly anticipated by the community!”

The ‘Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition’ update is live now.