May 7, 2020

DK to publish first educational fiction series The Secret Explorers

07 May 2020, London – This summer, DK will publish its first educational fiction series The Secret Explorers, in association with Working Partners. The series aims to introduce children to core non-fiction topics through action-packed, character-driven adventure stories. Published in paperback, four titles will be released in 2020. The first two titles, The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales and The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision, will be published on 16 July 2020.

As a leading, global non-fiction publisher, The Secret Explorers is the first fiction series of its kind for DK. The books follow a group of brilliant young experts from all four corners of the globe, who join together to solve mysteries, fix problems, and search for knowledge. Their exciting adventures take them all over the world – and beyond. This diverse club of eight children includes Tamiko, Gustavo, Ollie, Kiki, Connor, Roshni, Leah and Cheng. They lend their expert skills to solve special secret missions in each book, from Tamiko the dinosaur specialist to Ollie the rainforest pro.

Perfect for readers aged seven and up, the illustrated paperbacks are a great way to reinforce STEM topics at home and keep kids entertained. Offering an enjoyable way to discover topics covered in school curriculums, the highly engaging text and playful black and white illustrations builds reading confidence. The series aims to engage even the most reluctant readers, and introduce children who love stories to core non-fiction subjects such as oceans, space, Ancient Egypt, dinosaurs, volcanoes, biology, environmentalism and engineering. Reference sections at the back of each book include timelines, quizzes, maps and glossaries to extend interest in these fascinating subjects.

Children’s Publishing Director Sarah Larter says: ‘We are thrilled to have developed this series in conjunction with Working Partners and delighted to be bringing fresh and innovative approaches to subjects that are key to DK’s Children’s publishing.’

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